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Model: A1016
Waga produktu: 0.2 kg

Chwytak do ramek, stalowy z drewnianymi rączkami. 
Bardzo ułatwia prace w pasiece.

waga 0,17 kg
długość 135,0 mm 
tworzywo Stal ocynkowana
grubość 52.0 mm 
szerokość 115.0 mm

Frame grip It is intended for facilitating of extraction of the frames out of a beehive during the inspection of bee families. For the extraction of the frame out of the beehive, the grip should be placed so that the upper bar of the selected frame would be between the clamp claws of the grip. Then you should clutch the bar, overcoming the spring power and moving handles towards each other. Then the clutched frame should be taken out of the beehive.